Our People

Working together to serve and strengthen the community

Our Church Council and Leaders

Our Church is led by a Church Council of 10 committed and highly competent Church members and an Interim Moderator, Rev Lorraine Francis.

Jill Kayser is our Transitional Ministry Leader in a time of "vacancy".  We are currently in the process of "calling" a full-time ordained minister.

In addition, there are a number of elders active in the life of the congregation who contribute their time and gifts to managing our church, plan and support worship services, offer pastoral care, serve on various committees and are consulted on strategic matters.

Pastoral Care Committee

Our pastoral care committee do an amazing job of caring for our parishioners and community and keeping us informed of how we can all offer care to each other.  If you know of someone who needs care and/or prayer please contact us on  jillk@sthelierschurch.org.nz.

Worship Committee

Our worship committee oversee and plan worship with our Transition Ministry Leader Jill.

Jill Kayser
Jill Kayser

Finance Committee

Our finance committee offer many hours of expertise to ensure our Church and community centres run efficiently and effectively.


Building and Facilities Committee

This group of able men tackle the enormous and invaluable role of keeping our buildings and facilities up to date and functioning.

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