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Our Annual General meeting is on Wednesday 6th March at 9.30 am at the St Heliers Church & Community Centre, 100 St Heliers Bay Road.

Our speaker is Dr Boyd Swinburn

We have a food crisis – what can this Government do to make food healthier, more affordable and more sustainable?

Dr Boyd Swinburn is a Professor of Population Nutrition and Global Health at the University of Auckland New Zealand and Honorary Professor, Global Centre (GLOBE), Deakin University, Australia.

His major research interests center on community and policy actions to prevent childhood and adolescent obesity, and reduce, what he has coined, ‘obesogenic’ environments. He led two Lancet Series on Obesity in 2011 and 2015, was co-chair of World Obesity Policy & Prevention section 2009-2019 and co-chair of the Lancet Commission on Obesity 2015-2019.

He has been an advisor on many government committees, WHO Consultations, and large scientific studies internationally.

This will be followed by morning tea.

All our welcome to join us.  No admission charge.

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